Feedback From e-TALC Users

Dr Abulla Said, Doctor, Zanzibar, Tanzania
"(The e-TALC ) CD-ROM has become the useful source of increasing our knowledge; and we have very few sources of updating our knowledge."

General Practitioner, Tanzania
"The e-TALC CD-ROM helps us a lot; as we are in a poor country it is difficult to get materials to refresh our knowledge."

Doctor, Namibia
"It is good! The CD-ROM complements other materials and so far I have been able to find most of what I have needed."

Dr Muhammad Rashid - Anaesthetist, Pakistan
"This has been a marvellous effort on your part. The information I found on the CD was precise, to the point, and most importantly, up to date. I have to say, 'JOB WELL DONE'".

Jean Skeen - Midwife, Cameroon
"I worked in Cameroon from 2003-2005 with VSO and discovered this wonderful resource before I left the UK. The CD-ROMs were invaluable to me and in particular the tropical medicine, malaria, and skin topics were excellent. I can't thank you enough for making this regular mini-library available to support health education in developing countries."

Janette O'Neill - Nurse, China
"Your CDs have been a godsend and counterparts particularly enjoy them."

Dr Kyomugisha Esther - Medical Clinical Officer, Uganda
"I am very grateful to be among the healthworkers receiving and utilising these CD-ROMs."

Dr CJC Igboanusi – Paediatric Registrar, Nigeria
“I got a copy of your CD-ROM from a friend of mine and immediately fell in love with it. It is so useful and educative especially for those of us here in the developing world where access to current medical literature is very difficult and unaffordable. It is a masterpiece. Thank you for developing such a CD-ROM…. Thank you for your generosity and magnanimity.”

Dr John Potts - Medical Officer in charge, Kenya
“We have just received the 2 copies of the e-TALC CD-ROMs. They have a lot of good material on them which is relevant to our work here at Chogoria Hospital. I will be presenting some of the Cochrane Library material at our Journal Club this week, increasing our base of Evidence Based Medicine. This is an ideal format for us, since we have email access but not internet access (because of bad phone lines.)”

Dr Samson Bayu – Asst Professor of Opthalmology, Ethiopia
“I just received your CD-ROM Issue No. 1… It will be of great help for my colleagues and me.”

Tunde Akanmu – Nigeria
“The effort is quite laudable and it will be of tremendous assistance to us in the developing world where there is a serious dearth of medical textbooks.”

David Lee – Programme Officer, VSO – Papua New Guinea
“We are recently in receipt of Issue No 1 Health and Development CD ROM… and wish to pass on our thanks for this valuable resource… This information is invaluable in a country often starved of resources.”

Dr A Ravi – Consultant Community Paediatrician - India
“I think this is a very user friendly CD and all busy clinicians should find it useful.”

Dr Anthony Emakpor – Resident Doctor, Nigeria
“I wish to express my invaluable thanks for the CDROM on health and development. It is quite educative and informative and is assisting me in my training.”

Deirdre West – Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, India
“I just received the TALC CD ROM here at Whitefield, Bangalore, India, for which MANY THANKS, and congratulations! I should certainly like to receive further editions as they become available.”

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