MOYO Weight for Height Chart - boy/girl split sex version


Image of MOYO Weight for Height Chart - boy/girl split sex version

The MOYO chart (named after the nutrition centre in Blantyre, Malawi where it was developed) is a low cost job aid to help front line health workers correctly assess acute malnutrition. The chart minimises the misdiagnosis associated with traditional weight-for-height tables by offering a simple step-by-step guide to weight-for-height assessment and interpretation. This boy/girl split sex version uses the 2006 WHO growth standards. A flyer giving further information can be downloaded. (and is also available in hard copy tucked into the chart - a handy ‘how to use’ guide).

Product Code: A/MCS
Author(s): M Kerac, J Bunn, H Blencowe, A Seal
Format: A4 Chart
Publisher: TALC
Year: 2012

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