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Founded in 1965 by Professor David Morley CBE, Teaching-aids At Low Cost (TALC) is a unique charity whose main objective is to promote the health of children and advance medical knowledge and teaching in the UK and throughout the world by providing and developing educational material.

Guia Comunitário de Saúde Ambiental

A Community Guide to Environmental Health has now been translated into Portuguese - Guia Comunitário de Saúde Ambiental.  Dealing with health issues both inside and outside the home, the book encourages people to take ownership of their health, offering simple suggestions on how to make their environment cleaner and safer.

Aimed at health promoters, development workers, educators and community leaders, the book features over 1000 illustrations with all material tested extensively by communities in developing countries.

Buy the Guia Comunitário de Saúde Ambiental now

Our online store stocks a wide range of low cost healthcare books and accessories, including charts, downloads, CD-ROMs, videos and DVDs. We are very grateful to a number of organisations who have donated FREE CD-ROMs and other materials for distribution to the developing world.

Onde Nao Ha MedicoTALC and WFSA Book Donation Scheme (link will take you to WFSA website)

TALC has been working since 2009 with the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists to increase the volume and range of materials on anaesthesia available to healthcare workers in developing countries.

Work with TALC and Donate to TALC
Help us to deliver up to date medical education to some of the poorest parts of the world. There are many ways you can help TALC in our work. Are you a publisher of medical material? Do you live in the St Albans area and have time to volunteer with us? Can you donate to TALC?

Onde Nao Ha MedicoOnde Não Ha Médico

TALC’s Where There Is No Doctor has now been updated, translated and revised into Portuguese by a team from Mozambique. Onde Não Há Médico is intended for health workers in Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa and is now available.

Electronic Teaching-aids At Low CostElectronic Teaching-aids At Low Cost
The Electronic Teaching-aids at Low Cost (e-TALC) project was initiated in 2001 and distributes free CD-ROMs of relevant and up to date medical information that can be accessed by anyone with a computer. To date over 70,000 CDs have been sent out, in twelve volumes. Regular contributors to the CD include the BMJ, the Lancet, Tearfund and many others.

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